Motorized Pod: Future Vision of Surveillance Tools, 2005 60”x42”x108”, live video feed, LCD screens, spy cams, inflated vinyl, steel, wood, electric motor The Future Vision of Surveillance Tools addresses subversive political action in form of a do-it-yourself Pod Kit. The Pod fulfills the desire to create fashionable Islamic clothing for the modern woman that is impervious to the heat of summer days. This motorized pod structure is a personal transportation system that conceals the physical body much like an article of clothing. By creating an illusionary private space in the confines of public space, the pod offers a respite from direct contact with the outside world not only through the circular fabric walls but also through the lack of direct human vision. The sight and therefore the gaze of the person inside the pod become moderated through spy cams that are placed outside of the machine. The pod is operated by a joystick control system and the spy cams feed into 3 separate LCD screens that are positioned inside.